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Refloating and Afloat methods should be applied on these ships grounded to safely take them out of their position with minimum hull damage and no pollution to the marine environment. There is a need for a basic understanding of the geometry, stability, and strength of intact ships before refloating a damaged, grounded, or sunken vessel. When talking about refloating a grounded ship, it is first of all necessary to fully understand the grounded event that led the ship into that position so that the best method for refloating to be applied that is an important demand to establish the appropriate method of refloating so that the risk of polluting to be reduced at a minimum that is vital to have a well-thought-out and organized salvage plan to apply a specific refloating operation. To have such a salvage plan necessary to investigate the ship’s site properly and gather the appropriate information. Operational conditions around the ship’s location, namely the casualty, are dynamic and may change several times throughout the refloating operation. This way, many of the refloating operations cannot be applied to that some instances of grounding. Ships groundings can have devastating effects on the marine environment. Cleaning up after a significant grounding event could lead to enormous amounts of money, and even then, there is no certainty that the cleaning process has the best results or even the wanted ones.

When a ship is damaged but still floats in the water, the salvage operation is called salvage afloat. That doesn’t take a toll of challenging exertions as the work involves damage controlling and primary repairing tasks like the hull welding, stabilizing by rebalancing ballast tanks, and shifting cargo and structural bracing.
The ship’s purpose and path might get a little disrupted, but it can remain underway with a convenient, afloat ship salvage operation.

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